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Who is The TechieRN

Michael Srock, RN, A.K.A., The “TechieRN” has 23 years experience in Health Care, 13 years of that in Nursing Informatics, is a Blogger, & Nurse Entrepreneur.  He received his A.S. Degree in Nursing from State College of Florida and currently specializes in Instructional Design/Course Development, Web Design, Microsoft SharePoint Design, User End Support, & Physician Education/Support. Michael is a regular attendee to Science Fiction conventions and an enthusiastic Star Trek fan. His blog, cleverly themed “Get Plugged in!” can be found at TechieRN.com. He currently resides in Bradenton, FL with his wife Jennifer, their son James, their 2 dogs Sheila & Scruffy, cat Teetsie, plus 2 African sulcata tortoises.

He can be contacted at michael@techiern.com

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