Amazing Medical Technology that is made in Israel

I am always on the lookout for new technologies but this medical technology that is made in Israel is truly remarkable.

Checkout some of these links to technologies below and see if you agree they are amazing too.

  • Orcam – OrCam harnesses the power of Artificial Vision to compensate for lost visual abilities. OrCam is a sensor that sees what is in front of you, understands what information you seek and provides it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece.
  • Nano Retina – Nano Retina, Inc. is developing an ultra small, easy to implant, artificial retina designed to restore sight.
  • Sambucol – Study shows Israeli elderberry extract effective against avian flu.
  • Pill Cam – US approves Israeli pill camera to screen colon.
  • Rewalk – The ReWalk™ Personal System was designed for everyday use in a range of environments.
  • Artificial Nose – The artificial nose that can detect cancer.
  • Vaccine to trigger immune response for cancer – An Immune System trained to kill cancer.
  • Artificial Pancreas  – a treatment that’s been called the closest thing to a possible cure for type 1 diabetes — may be another step closer to becoming a reality.

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