How do they see us?

I was thinking today while running, I wonder if I am making an impression for the good in my world meaning to the people around me at both work, church and my family. In the same way; I do consider myself to be a “Christian” but prefer the term “Christ follower” and I think of all the new stories I hear almost daily how so called “Christians” are making really bad impressions to the world at large and it really hurts me to see that. I think back to Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert and what a mess of an example they made to the world and wish things of this mangitude would not happen but understand it probably always will. Some of my other thoughts are that “people of the world” would not want to become “Christians” seeing all of this hypocrital stuff going on in the world which brings me to why I am writing this Blog.
Having mentioned all the bad “Christian” views our world may have I would hope that people will see something different in me and my world, Similarily; I would like to mention that people like Billy Graham and Chuck Swindol just to name a few are living the “Christian life” the “correct way” and I am proud to say these men are true “Christ followers” and they and their ministries are living examples that the world can see. I guess I want the world to see that “my life speaks so loud of Christ’s love” that people may not hear what I am saying but will sure see it by example. I am not saying that I am there yet but I want to say with the apostle Paul from Philippians 3:12 Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.



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4 thoughts on “How do they see us?

  1. What a run! To produce so many thoughts! Thank you for sharing them.

    Having received and having experienced Christ’s love and redemption and total forgiveness doesn’t really leave us with any other option besides passing that love on. However, sometimes due to our own brokenness it’s hard to really really accept God’s love or all the incredibly big gifts we have received and then it’s only natural that we also reflect warped idea of our Lord… Fortunately God never fails, he never disappoints, he doesn’t let us down!

  2. Really happy to see you take the leap. Its great to see you speaking out on the things you are so passionate about. You have inspired me in my walk with Christ so much, I’m glad that you’ve decided to step out and inspire others. The tech ain’t bad either!

  3. Well, Michael you know I don’t see you personally as part of the problem, in Fact, you are a rareity amongst Christians I have met. You are definatly part of the positive solution . I like what you said about being “Christ Follower” ….I prefer the term “Christ Consciousness” which is widely used in New Age Mysticism. “Christian” has way too many negative connotations with it. Another reason I do not claim it.
    For me, since overall the bad outweighs the good in any religion, including Christianity, I have moved on. I would say my greatest inspiration for leaving Christianity is Christians themselves. I reference a quote from Ghandi, which states
    I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

    I know Christianity as a religion is not for me. I have tried it, found that my needs are not met by it and moved on. Great People like yourself find something in it and that is good. Remember that not all Christians are good people, in fact, I’d wager the opposite, and certianly not all great minds are Christian. There are many many good sources from outside the Christian faith, For me this speaks volumes more than any one individuals actions. I have never met an “enlightened” evangelical or fundamentalist Christian. I have never met a ” self actualized” person within that movement. The example I have seen is enough to inspire me to explore spirituality elsewhere.

    Certainly the Bakers and Swaggerts (Add Tilton too) have done nothing positive for the movement. Sadly it does not stop there. Christianity has always had a very dark side to it, as have all creations of man. As long as people have fears and ignorance, they will have religions.
    It does not stop there.
    So where does it stop?

    It stops here, when people like myself step back and refuse to be a part of it. It has to go on with fewer and fewer followers (and it is a declining religion) . It also stops with people like you who stay in it but refuse to buy into the commericalism or the negativity of it. Oddly enough, many great minds, including Ghandi, Paramahansa Yogananda and Joel Goldsmith, not to mention the plethora of new thought spiritual thinkers, all held Christ in high regard.
    Certainly nothing wrong with Christ.
    The problem is and was with the followers They are my inspiration to not be involved. but for you, I admire you for holding on , for being part of a solution. Or at least Trying to be. I hope in the end, you find fulfillment. That is, after all, the pot of gold at the end of the spiritual quest.

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