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I really appreciate you signing into my blog and would like you to feel a part of “my group” :=)

I am in the process of doing some exciting things not only in my personal life but in my business and glad you can share and be a part of it.

#1. Exciting thing is that I am working on a few products that I am creating to help you not only in your personal life but will help you in your career as well, stay tuned for more info on this.

#2. I am also excited because I just updated my blog and also added a YouTube video and also launched my official TechieRN podcast and would love it if you would listen when you get the chance.

I would love it if you could tell just 1 person on your email group about my blog and encourage them to sign up like you did, also please encourage people to ‘sign-up’ soon on my blog or just forward them this email, thanks again :=)

Please if you have time I would love to hear more about and get to know you better, so please reply back to this email at and let me know a few things such as:

  • A little about yourself, not too personal unless you feel comfortable sharing with me.
  • Are you in the Healthcare field or another field?
  • Some suggestions about what you would like to see on my site as far as articles, podcasts or if you would be interested in career coaching meaning where are you at in your career and if you need tips, helps, etc.

Thanks again,

Michael Srock

Ps. If you have another minute and happen to be in the Health Care field I would appreciate you filling out my short 7 question survey here.






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