Nurses Use Smartphones


Sarasota Memorial Hospital deploys devices for time-saving messaging, bed tracking and more…

This is a great example of how technology can be used for improvement of patient care initiatives. I am proud to work at Sarsota Memorial Hospital and we were the first one to implement this technology at our hospital.

Here is an excerpt of the article linked above:

Better & Quieter

The smartphone solutions have been a big win all around at Sarasota.

“It really has helped communication on our busy 48-bed unit,” Baxter said. “We each have six patients on nights and, if I’m in a room with the door shut caring for a patient, I can’t hear outside pages. When I’m in charge of the unit, I can locate the nurses I need right away or they can text me when they need help.”

The unit clerk used to walk around the unit on nights if she really needed to find a particular nurse.

“But now she just texts us and we answer her,” Baxter said. “She can let me know a doctor is on the phone, for example, and I can text back that I’ll need to call him back, or that I’ll be right out. The patients appreciate the reduced noise level now that we don’t have so many overhead pages.”

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