Windows or Mac?

Mac QuickBooks vs Windows QuickBooks

The question almost sounds like “paper or plastic” when you walk into a grocery store but not quite achieving the same results.

I have recently, within the past year, moved our family and myself to Apple products, such as we now own:  2 iPhones, 2 iPads, Mac Mini, 1 iPod, MacBook Air, as well as my first iPhone which was/is an iPhone 4 that I still use on occasion (see article on 11 things to do with your old iPhone ).

I have not moved to Apple products because I like spending more money but because I was on a mission to save time, energy and money. Initially this whole trasition did take a while (so beware) because of the learning curve involved with learning Macintosh software(OSX) but since I already was familiar with iOS software from owning an iPhone, so I was hoping the transition would be relatively seamless.

My results so far are, all that I can say is, that I am very pleased overall with the results of my self-experiment.

In the same way; this decision to buy Apple products was initially more expensive in the beginning, for example  buying a $250 PC as opposed to a $700 Mac Mini but my thought was and still is, that Macs are easier to use and “just work”, therefore saving time and frustration messing around with configuring a PC  and getting them to work sometimes. I have adopted the philosophy and model from my trusted friend and pod caster “The Tech Guy – Leo Laporte” who recommends Mac for Home use and PC for Business.

In addition; I like that Mac software is way more economical than Windows based software plus Mac based hardware seems to be higher quality and tends to last longer than PC based hardware systems. I am not bashing PCs or Windows since I do like Windows XP and Windows 7 a great deal and do still use these platforms frequently both at work and on my VM Fusion on my Macs but am just giving my opinion and hoping it will help some of my friends to make a decision if they are on the fence or curious about changing over.

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One thought on “Windows or Mac?

  1. Thanks for this great article, Michael. I have to say, “I am Mac all the way!” I changed over about one year ago. Since then my husband’s PC has crashed two times. I just love the ease of use and the interconnectivity that you get with Apple products.

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