On Location in Bradenton for Restaurant Impossible Filming with Robert Irvine

12JlTF.AuSt.69Me, my wife and my 7 year old son had the really cool opportunity of participating in the grand re-opening of Theresa’s Restaurant in our home town of Bradenton last evening Sunday, July 12th, 2015. My wife had been reading her Facebook on Sunday afternoon when she told me “Michael, Robert Irvine is in Bradenton” I was surprised to say the least that a big star like Irvine would be coming to our small world of Bradenton to not only overhaul one of Bradenton’s older restaurants but to film it for the first episode, season 12 for new season of “Restaurant Impossible” to air in October of 2015.

I told my wife Jennifer, a big fan of “Restaurant Impossible” lets drive down and take a look and maybe get a chance to eat dinner there and maybe get in on the filming. We arrived shortly after 6pm when we saw the line of people waiting to be seated for the grand re-opening. I approached one of the ladies and asked if we needed reservations to be able to get in, to which she answered yes but once the reservations were fullfilled, they would begin taking “standbys”. We were 3rd in line of the “standbys” and were starting to think we were not even going to get in since they began seating larger parties of 4 and so on and so forth and we started feeling like the “odd man out” but finally we ended up being the very last party of 3 seated. We were just happy to get in and get to be in on the filming of “Restaurant Impossible” as well as seeing and hearing Robert Irvine in person which I can tell you was fun. Robert is the same person you see on TV as he is off the set which I think makes him unique and appreciate that about him.

We clearly saw that the staff of the restaurant as well as Jodi the owner of Theresa’s had been through a really long and tough 2 days of remodel but the food was fabulous and the whole experience I would highly recommend if you ever have the chance, don’t hesitate either volunteer or try to get in on the action.

Look for us in the background of first episode, season 12 for new season of “Restaurant Impossible” to air in October of 2015.




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