Should you use an iPhone case?

Since my post regarding Steve Jobs would Cringe! I stumbled across this article which is very good and goes along with my post and thoughts so I would like to share it with you, enjoy :=)

Despite the fact that it has been out for over half a year, I’m surprised at the number of people that still ask me “Is that an iPhone 5?” with a sense of amazement and wonder. The next question I usually get asked (especially from other iPhone owners): “You don’t have a case?”

No, I do not have a case, nor have I ever used a case to protect the numerous mobile phones I have owned over the past 10 years. To me, it’s a foregone conclusion. Hardware manufacturers spend months — even years — worth of development to craft a beautiful smartphone, focusing on making it the slimmest on the market or deploying inventive new construction materials and methods only to have users cover up all of their hard work with a chunky piece of plastic.


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